I'm actually not as angry as you'd think.

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#remember how this movie took female stereotypes and crushed them into a million pieces

casual reminder that Elle Woods scored a 179 on the LSAT, which is one point shy of a perfect score.

Casual reminder that Whatshisface here had family connections and was a legacy and shit, whereas Elle Woods came out of nowhere.

casual reminder that Elle Woods actually had an amazing background in real life issues that people dismissed as unimportant but managed to not only learn the law, but learned how to apply the law.

Casual reminder that Elle Woods used her lawyer skills to save a woman from an abusive relationship and also save another woman from trumped up murder charges and basically what I’m saying is you go, girl, go get ‘em Elle Woods, thank you for this movie.

what’s fantastic about this movie is that it’s not that fucked up brand of feminism where the girls who arent like other girls and sip tea and read hemingway look down on the blonde party sluts. the message of the movie is like, you can be blonde and attractive AND enjoy stuff like shopping and partying and you can still be smart and kick ass!!!




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you forgot us

me, about to get mauled to death by a wolf: puppy! who's a handsome puppy

About this purge business, I heard that everyone's freaking out about the police scanners, but it's really just a typical Friday night in Louisville and it only sounds worse than what it is because everyone's paying attention now.





Texas anti-gay leader Jonathan Saenz’s ex-wife left him for another woman.


it’s important to note that she left him for another woman BEFORE he became the anti-gay leader

he was so butthurt about his wife leaving him for another woman, he fuckin started an organization condemning homosexuals


Wow. What a total child.


Ferguson PD be like.




I honestly am not thrilled that Naoko Takeuchi is working on Sailor Moon Crystal. I dislike a lot of the radically feminist tones of Crystal (I.e., the very blatantly feminist theme song, Tuxedo Mask being written out whenever possible), which I can only assume were her doing.

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I am legit crying with laughter.

Like, who has EVER looked at Sailor Moon and thought “nope, nothing feminist about this here story all about women who are strong and capable and kick ass in heels and nail polish.”?

And of course, Tuxedo Mask being written out of everything totally explains why he’s in every episode and gives Sailor Moon advice and strength, yup yup.

"I’m not thrilled that the creator of Sailor Moon is working on Sailor Moon"




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but do you know I’ve been playing this so many times with the same person & he never gets it